Open Components for 3D Tools

Building an interactive 3D design tool today takes a huge amount of effort and expertise. What's the right way to implement 3D camera controls, or a 3D widget to rotate around an arbitrary axis? For 2D we have Qt, and for games we have Unity, but if you want to build a CAD-like 3D user interface, you're on your own.

Until now.

After a decade spent making 3D tools from scratch, we've figured out a thing or two about how to design reusable frameworks for CAD-style apps. Based on this experience we're developing a new iteration of our 3D design-tool architecture. These components are at the core of gradientspace projects - we're working with them, and on them, every day.

But they're also "just infrastructure", and open infrastructure is always better in the long run. So we're making these components open-source, with commercial friendly licenses. They'll help you get started with building your own 3D tools. 

And if you need a hand, get in touch.      -RMS



A Unity-compatible C# library for geometric computations like 2D/3D Vector Math, Spatial Queries, and Implicit Surfaces. Triangle mesh representations for both basic dense indexed mesh and advanced indexed mesh with connectivity/topology. Remeshing. Mesh Primitive generators. Textured OBJ import and export. STL, OFF formats. Boost License. Samples here.



A 3D CAD application framework built on Unity. Build and deploy a CAD app for VR, Desktop, and Mobile from the same codebase. MIT License. Sample apps here.     Note: Under very active development - fork it!



A C++ library for geometric computing and mesh processing. 



a C++ framework for CAD-style apps, built on Qt.