3D is hard. Your average "full-stack" developer has never SLERP'd Quaternions, intersected triangles, Boolean'd implicit surfaces, or has even heard of the hundreds of other things that only come up in 3D apps. That means you need specialists. Sometimes you even need an expert.

We've got you covered.



VR is so new that nobody has really figured out what it's good for yet, besides games and VR video. But we've been experimenting with VR for real work, and you know what? It's pretty awesome. Our first app, Simplex, is a VR-first CAD tool and we've got an AR app in the works. We had to build a lot of infrastructure to get this stuff up and running. If you are looking to do VR data visualization or VR design experiences, we can help you get a head-start.


3D Interfaces & Tools

We've been building interactive 3D tools for over a decade. We've done Maya plugins, Unity data visualizations, and stand-alone desktop 3D apps. From the low-level software architecture and data model, to launching the app and finding those early adopters, to dealing with a million downloads and supporting thousands of active users, we've done it all. We know where the pain points are, like when you'll need to think about Y-up vs Z-up, or which file formats your users are going to want to use. We're building open-source components that are going to vastly lower the barrier-to-entry for building 3D tools, and we can help you use them.


3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

Prior to gradientspace we built Autodesk Meshmixer, an essential tool used for 3D printing by thousands of people every day, from elementary-school students to manufacturing professionals. Along the way we invented some fundamental process improvements, like hierarchical branching support structures for complex geometries.  But with 3DP/AM we don't just make software, we're also users, trying to solve real-world problems. For example we're working with nia Technologies to bring 3D-printed prosthetic leg sockets to the developing world. We believe that AM is going to have a huge impact on fields like medicine and manufacturing, and we have the tools and expertise to help make it happen.


Algorithms & Data Structures

It's best to not re-invent the wheel, but when you're building 3D tools it can be hard to know whether or not the wheel is already out there. We can help with that. We know where to find that obscure library or algorithm, and there's a good chance we even know who wrote it. If it turns out that you do actually need something invented, well, we do that too. We've filed over 30 patents and published peer-reviewed research at top academic conferences. And if we're not the right for the job, we have the connections in Academia and the Industry to find you someone who is. 


Autodesk Meshmixer Consulting

Autodesk Meshmixer is a powerful tool, that has lots of capabilities not available in any other software. It's also completely undocumented! And you can't even pay anyone for support!  This is an unfortunate state of affairs, but we can help, because we literally wrote Meshmixer. Like, at least 95% of it. So, if you are in need, you can hire us to help you figure out workflows, work around bugs (probably our fault - sorry!), or develop scripts using the Meshmixer API (did you know there was an API? it's kinda useful). 


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